Research in Homiletics

Research Context

Proclamation of the faith is a communication process between God, people and the preachers. This goes far beyond the worship service and increasingly affects the field of new media.

The research interest applies on the one hand to classical places of proclamation (especially with regard to sermons in celebrations like baptism, wedding or funerals); on the other hand, the influences of new media on talking of God.


Within the wide field of preaching, a focus will be placed on preaching in the context of death and mourning. A second goal is to develop and establish common standards in Austrian homiletics; a homiletic textbook is in preparation.


  • Research project "Preaching in the Face of Death. An Analysis of Funeral Sermons"
    • Objective: content analysis of funeral sermons; Theology of death developed out of funeral speeches
  • Creation of a textbook "Homiletics"" for the lecture and a workshop volume for the concrete (continuing) homiletic training
  • Course "Preaching Studio 2" 2021-2023 (together with Austrian collegues)
  • Book project: Proceedings of AG-Homiletics conference 2022
  • Conferences of the AG-Homiletics 2024 in Berlin
  • Ecumenical cooperation with the "Societas Homiletica"
  • Dissertations
    • Linda Kaufmann: Gottesvorstellungen von Priestern (completed 2021)
    • Simplice Tchoungang: Die Homiletik von Papst Franziskus. Eine Untersuchung seiner Predigtheorie und Predigtpraxis


Johann Pock
Stephanie Bayer (Seminar in Preaching)

Cooperation Partner:
- Ursula Roth (Erlangen)
- Bernhard Spielberg (Freiburg)
- Hans Hütter (Wien)
- Maria Elisabeth Aigner (Graz)
- Hildegard Wustmans (Limburg)

Activities in Teaching and Consultation

  • Lectures and advanced training events in church institutions (e.g. deacon training in several dioceses)
  • Chairman of the AGH (Homiletic Society) 2016-2020, deputy chairman 2020-2024


  • Fühlt ihr nicht, so bleibt ihr nicht! Die emotionale Dimension der Predigt, hg. v. Johann Pock / Ursula Roth / Bernhard Spielberg (Ökumenische Studien zur Predigt 13), Don Bosco: München 2022.
  • Politikum Predigt, Predigen im Kontext gesellschaftlicher Relevanz und politischer Brisanz, hg. v. Johann Pock / Ursula Roth (Ökumenische Studien zur Predigt 12), Don Bosco: München 2021.
  • Wo heute predigen? Verkündigung an bekannten und ungewöhnlichen Orten, hg.v. Aigner/Pock/Wustmans, Echter: Würzburg 2018. (Buchpräsentation 30.11.2018, Graz)
  • Wie heute predigen? Einblicke in die Predigtwerkstatt, hg.v. Aigner/Pock/Wustmans, Echter: Würzburg 2014.
  • Trauerrede in postmoderner Trauerkultur, hg. v. Johann Pock / Ulrich Feeser-Lichterfeld (Werkstatt Theologie 18), Lit: Berlin-Wien 2011.