Education and Religion

Research Context

Educational institutions are committed to a comprehensive educational mandate: They engage in enabling young people to develop and flourish in as many different ways as possible, including religious and ethical dimensions. The design and development of kindergartens and schools contribute to the ways, in which all and young people can be recognised and supported according to their individual abilities. This requires an orientation towards the dignity of the individual, a reflected and appreciative approach to diversity and the establishment of a positive educational culture.

In this core area, research and practise work towards a raising of awareness for the religious and ethical dimension in educational institutions and engage in raising religious resources for the development of beneficial concepts and models.


  • Contribution to the development of an educational culture that reduces fear and violence
  • Analysis of the dynamics of exclusion and development of models for inclusion in order to realise inclusive education
  • Strengthen sensitivity for the importance of religious dimensions in educational institutions and their further development
  • Develop concepts and models for dealing with religious and ideological diversity in elementary education and schools


Excellent Theses