Religious Education and Didactics

Research Context

Didactics form an important part of the education programme for teachers. The subject didactics of Catholic religion classes focus on theory development and empirical research and promote an interdisciplinary research on its field. The relationship between theory and practice as well as the interaction between person, subject and didactic situation must be clarified. It contributes to the qualification and professionalization of teachers and the teaching they design.

In order to guarantee this interdisciplinary approach, teaching and research take place in cooperation with other subjects of theology, various subject didactics and the educational sciences at the University of Vienna and the KPH Vienna/Krems. The cooperation with the Center for Teacher Education is of great importance for a qualified training of future teachers of religion in the field of teaching and practical support. Bedeutung.


  • Initiating and reflecting on the interaction between subject didactics and related sciences and establishing it in teaching
  • Dealing with current issues in didactic theory
  • Researching forms of interdisciplinary didactic cooperation
  • Analysing the didactic approach of teachers and the learning outcomes of students in religious education
  • Promote professionalization of (future) teachers
  • Investigate the views of teachers of religious education on their subject


  • Competence oriented Performance Assessment (LBU) in Catholic religious education classes. Empirical deducted research for a pilot test in Catholic religious education classes. (AHS-Oberstufe)
  • Learning on the Way of the Cross-Deducting research during classes
  • Document analysis of statements made by teachers of religion on the Day of the Teachers of Religion 2018
  • The concept of failure - Dissertation Project David Novakovits
  • Music and Religious Didactics under Discussion
  • Didactics of Religions in Elementary Education
  • Music and Religious Didactics in Dialogue
  • Didactics of Religions in Elementary Education

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